Company Coordinators 2007-2008

What is a Company Coordinator?

A Company Coordinator promotes APICS within their own Company by:

Company Coordinators for 2007-2008
Cardio Command Company James Moore 813-289-5555 Ext 233 [email protected]
EURO-Bake Mike Gerhard   [email protected]
Evatone Inc. Haroon Abbu 727-572-7000 x224 [email protected]
GE Aviation David Barta 727-532-1280 [email protected]
General Dynamics - OTS Robert Sontheimer 727-578-8318 [email protected]
Honeywell Space Sys. Bob Smith 727-539-3761 [email protected]
Jabil Circuit Heidi Banks 727-803-5517 [email protected] www.jabi;.com
Kimball Electronics Group, Tampa Chris Luecke 813-854-2000 [email protected]
Lockheed Martin MS2 Ken Gibbons 813-854-7273 [email protected]
Mastry Engine Center Craig Williams 727-522-9471 [email protected]
Mettler-Toledo Safeline, Inc. Keith J. Chaisson 813-342-9190 [email protected]
Molex, Inc. Bob Walker 727-521-2700, x206 [email protected]
Raytheon Company Cheryl M Newton 727-768-8851 [email protected].
Sparton Electronics Roger Bori 352-799-6520 [email protected]
Trak Microwave Bob Norman 813-901-7496 [email protected] 
Tri-Tronics Company Roy Snyder 813-886-4000, x 111 [email protected]
TSE Industries, Inc. Mark Neuman 727-573-7676 [email protected]
VF Imagewear, Inc. Genny Danker 813-969-6142 [email protected]
VLOC, Subsidiary of II-VI, Inc. Ronna L. Ryman 727-375-5220 X 44504 [email protected]


Company Coordinators act as liaisons between the Chapter Board of Directors (BOD) and fellow employees to help their companies derive maximum benefit from its APICS membership.


The Company Coordinator is an individual dedicated to the professional and educational philosophies of APICS and represents the educational and certification needs of the employees within his or her company.

Company Coordinators disseminate meeting information, coordinate registration for programs and certification, and make membership applications available. They can make a significant difference in the success of APICS membership recruitment and retention in a company.

Most Company Coordinators probably invest approximately one hour per month coordinating and dispersing information within their organization. The program is voluntary and time requirements will vary depending on the size and membership of your organization


Select Company Coordinators for a listing of the current FLWC Company Coordinators. If you are interested in becoming a Company Coordinator, please contact , Director of Company Coordinators by email at .

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