JUNE 2008

Keith J. Chaisson

The end of the 2007/2008 year is near. The Chapter year ends June 30. At that point the newly elected Board of Directors is installed to begin their year's work. The most significant change is our VP of Finance, John Foster, will be leaving the Board due to his level of travels with his company. In his place, Steve Mahoney will be joining the Board in that Position. Another significant change is adding PJ Christiano as Executive Vice President. That position supports the President and he will be working in the planning process for the direction of the Chapter. We welcome them to the Board.

With the end of the year we look back to see how well we did. We had an excellent series of PDP presenters that gave a quality level of educational opportunities for the members. Evaluations showed very positive feedback about the presentations. We held one seminar this year. We had several CSCP certifiactions awarded within the chapter's members. Congratulations to all of those who achieved this certification.

What does the new year hold in store? We are putting together the series of presentations for next year. Your feedback at the meetings help us to determine the presenters you wish to return.

The Chapter's report card will be completed with the submission of the C-BAR (Chapter Benchmarking and Reporting) by the end of July. This information will be avaialble for you to review on the Chapter's website.

Until Next Month…

Best Regards,
Keith J. Chaisson
Florida West Coast Chapter

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