APICS Tampa Chapter Meeting
January 13th, 2004
"Seven Secrets to Success in ANYTHING!"

5:30 Social; 6:30 Dinner; 7:30 Meeting/Presentation 


Most people would like to be successful!  In business, they want more profit, more productivity, more customers, more market share, and greater dividends.  In their personal lives, they want happiness, health, love, friendship, and enough money and possessions to help them achieve that happiness.  Yet, few people actually know how to get the success they want, and fewer yet work in a focused manner to achieve this success.

A study of success literature has revealed that there are seven secrets to being successful, and these secrets, like any tools, when used effectively, can ensure that anyone can have every possible opportunity to achieve the ends they desire.  What is more important, is that these secrets can be applied to a business competing in the marketplace, to an individual in a business striving to be more successful in that business, and to an individual in their family life, their friendships and other relationships, their volunteer organizations, their spiritual lives, and indeed, in every aspect of their personal lives.

To be successful, a person must know what they want (what success is to them), know what they need to do to achieve it, know how to do it, do it, and, and make changes along the way as they are necessary.  It may sound simple, but the reality is that many businesses today are struggling with these fundamental issues of effective business management, and as a result, are not as successful as they might be, and many individuals are floundering in their personal lives as they try to achieve success that seems elusive.

So here are the seven critical secrets to success in ANYTHING!  (If you attend this presentation, you will take away with you a wallet reminder of these secrets!)
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Claire Bloom, CIRM, M.S.E.L., M.S.S.I., MBTI Certified Practitioner

Claire Bloom is an associate with Your Success Plus!, an educational organization specializing in motivational speaking and training for business and community education.

Her professional background includes over twenty years of curriculum design and teaching experience in Total Quality Management, Strategic Planning, Change Management, Team Building, Leadership and Management.  She has taught and worked in a variety of environments, including the United States Navy, from which she retired in the summer of 1998 after having served for more than two years as the first female Executive Officer of USS CONSTITUTION, the oldest commissioned warship afloat in the world.

She has a Master of Science in Educational Leadership, a Master of Science in Strategic Intelligence, is certified in Integrated Resource Management, is an APICS Qualified Instructor for CIRM, and is an MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) Certified Practitioner, qualified to administer and interpret the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.  She is an active volunteer, and is currently serving in a number of volunteer roles. 

Together with Keith J. Launchbury, a consultant in manufacturing, she has developed the Manufacturing Simulation Game, the Integrated Resource Management Game, the Marketing Game, six checklists for assessment of enterprise operations, and a checklist for evaluation of team performance.  She is a frequent speaker at business and organization events on numerous motivational topics, has authored numerous business articles in various publications.