Company Coordinators 2010-2011

What is a Company Coordinator?

A Company Coordinator promotes APICS within their own Company by:

  • Defining the benefits of membership participation.
  • Explaining the certification programs and how achieving CPIM or CIRM certification is both professionally and personally rewarding.
  • Circulating the monthly Professional Development Program announcement and offering
    to make the necessary reservations.
  • Posting schedules of APICS seminars and review courses and assisting with the registration process by maintaining updated registration forms and directions to the facilities where the programs are being offered.
Company Coordinator Program

Company Coordinators act as liaisons between the Chapter Board of Directors (BOD) and fellow employees to help their companies derive maximum benefit from its APICS membership. 


The Company Coordinator is an individual dedicated to the professional and educational philosophies of APICS and represents the educational and certification needs of the employees within his or her company. 

Company Coordinators disseminate meeting information, coordinate registration for programs and certification, and make membership applications available. They can make a significant difference in the success of APICS membership recruitment and retention in a company. 

Most Company Coordinators probably invest approximately one hour per month coordinating and dispersing information within their organization. The program is voluntary and time requirements will vary depending on the size and membership of your organization 


  • Membership in good standing with APICS and the Florida West Coast Chapter
  • Attend at least 50% of Chapter Professional Development Meetings per year
  • Minimum of three employees at your company in the field of Operations Management
  • "Opt "In" to receive APICS email and correspondence


  • Provide feedback to the Board of Directors regarding chapter performance and your company's educational needs
  • Promote and distribute newsletters, seminar brochures, and other APICS literature to interested parties and key personnel
  • Be a key source of information regarding APICS within your organization
  • Assist with coordination of Chapter activities within your company as required
  • Volunteer (as time permits) to help with special activities such as:
    • Mentoring new members
    • Helping implement new programs
    • Assisting with suspended members
    • Representing the Chapter at sponsored events
    • Participating on Member retention committees
    • Donating promotional items from your company for APICS sponsored events
    • Participating in market research group to help identify key areas needing improvement


  • Your name published on Chapter web site
  • Advanced notice of upcoming chapter activities
  • Recognition at professional development meetings
  • Company Coordinator Certification of Appreciation
  • Opportunity to network with Board Members and other Company Coordinators
  • Invitation to board meetings discussing chapter operations and the needs of your company

Select Company Coordinators for a listing of the current FLWC Company Coordinators. If you are interested in becoming a Company Coordinator, please contact the Director of Company Coordinators by email at .